Our pet food grows on the same farm as our food.


Lorenz creates a warm and friendly companion culture between pets and human beings. We are a pet food company that recognizes the concerns of pet owners regarding the safety and origin of ingredients, and we are committed to addressing these issues in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

It is our mission not only to source all raw materials for our pet food from domestic Eco-friendly farms, but also to have them manufactured by Social enterprise and elder-friendly enterprise.

100 % domestically produced.  We research constantly in order to make the best snacks for our pets by sourcing all our ingredients from eco-friendly farms. We collaborate with social enterprises and elder-friendly enterprises not only for ingredients but throughout the entire production process. There has been a growing distrust towards pet food in recent times since companies are not required to reveal the origins of their ingredients, and many have taken advantage of this loophole. In Lorenz, it is our policy to transparently disclose all the ingredients contained in each of our products, their amounts, as well as their place of origin.

Lorentz Safe snacks do not contain any additives or preservatives.

We help pet owners make wise decisions by disclosing all the relevant information.

Dear pet-lovers.

At Lorenz, we are dedicated to creating a healthy, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly pet food culture.



  •  2020
    Launch new pet snacks, Goat milk & strawberry, Honey strawberry.
    Crowd Funding thru. WADIZ. (Achievement: 2,812%, US$ 11,800)
    Supplier(Vendor) Contract with Lotte Mart.

  • 2019
    Won Lotte Distribution Program Project sponsored by Ministry of SMEs and Start-ups.
    Won ‘excellence award’ of Social Entrepreneurship Project.
    Crowd Funding
    NAVER Happy Bean-13M Won
    WADIZ New Products-13M Won
    Launch “ Lorentz Cube, pet snack semi-dried type.
    Won the 1st. prize in the manufacturing sector of GS SHOP Social Impact Project
    Completed GS SHOP Social Impact project, training on manufacturing.
    Won the contest of Next Local project managed by Seoul city, Promoting the alliance between start-up companies and local ones.

  • 2018
    Establishment of Dajunghan Market Co., Ltd.
    Selected as a member of the 8th Social Entrepreneurship Project
    Selected as a product of SK enhancing happiness-competitiveness project
    Selected as an innovative product by Small Enterprise Promotion Corporation
    Won Tax Accounting Voucher subsidy program of Ministry of SMEs and Startups
    Launched a new product, pet snacks 'Lorenz Stick'
    Lorenz sticks supply contract with Dure union shopping mall.
    Won 'Excellence Award' in the 2nd social entrepreneurship project
    Designated as a “Preliminary social enterprise” by the Ministry of Employment and Labor

  • 2017
    November: Selected as a member of Gajwa-dong Youth Shopping Mall (signed a Support Contract with Seodaemun district and LH)

“My food and my pet’s food grow in the same field.”



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